Client Reviews

Joshua. Allen Texas. Abigail is an amazing psychic she knew what I was calling about before I said anything. and trust me it was hard for me to believe I had been burned by 2 other psychic's before calling her and I was really scared. I knew I had problems that needed to be cleared up I took a chance with Abigail and I am so glad I did! me and my gf of 9 years are back together! when I called Abigail we had been separated for over 5 months. she did the love cleansing and removed what was standing in the way. thank you Abigail -josh

Tommy. Plano Texas..she was unbelievable super accurate and to the point will not waste your time.

peggy. Allen Texas. I  have been a client of Abigail's for 13 years she has helped me in so many ways. I am not just a client but truly a friend of mrs grace's. she has a gift and she knows how to use it she got me and my husband back together after 4 days of meditation! of course this was years ago but it was the first thing abby had helped me with. when abby told ask me if id send in a review for her website i said yes just as quick as i could i feel its a chance to really let people know that this woman can help before i called her i felt like i had hit rock bottom like there was no where for me to go i was alone and had no where to turn abby turned things around for me and i am forever greatful to her.

john. Denver Colorado. She's  good5 stars!!

Julia. Brooklyn Newyork. wounderful reader took the time to answer my question fully explained my reading to me! most psychics make me feel like im being rushed unless im being charged by the minute!! i highly recommend Abigail

Terry Allen Texas. Allen Psychic Abigail is a true psychic with true abilities,I've gone to other psychic in the Allen/Plano area and they just don't compare, Abigail is very kind and compassionate I have been a client of hers for 9 years. I originally came to see Abby because I was having marriage problems my husband of 13 years at the time was talking about divorce Abby gave me the clarity and guidance I needed to save my relationship 

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