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Psychic Reading

Getting a psychic reading is a very special experience you are allowing someone  to look into your mind body and spirit . allowing them to see your past as it was your present as it is and your future as it will be. Abigail takes her work very seriously and she is very compassionate in her reading, she will allow you the chance to truly understand.

The connection

During your reading with Abigail she will be connecting to you on 5 different levels though your voice vibrations, though your energies, though your thoughts, though your chakras. though your aura. and last but not least though the tarot!


the tarot

Abigail is a master tarot reader who has been studying the tarot for more then 20 years. a tarot card reading is one of the most powerful readings it will uncover your thoughts, emotions ,intentions, desires and destiny. let the tarot guide you to true clarity. a better understanding of your self and the people around you will help you create a brighter future


Psychic Abigail Grace

Are you looking for guidance and clarity? if so you've found the right place to get it!. Lady Abigail Has been a trusted psychic for 23 years. Abigail is a 7th generation psychic with extraordinary powers. Abigail is a clairvoyant who can see into the past, present and future. Abigail  is a master tarot Reader! and also has the power of the third eye!.

Lady Abigail is able to combined her abilities along with her experience to provide you with the most accurate reading. Abigail will read your past and present to prove her accuracy one reading will have you convinced and also hooked!

Abigail is proven to be 99.8% accurate in all of her readings. weather your issue is love? or possibly  business or finance she  is able to tap into the situation and see what's going on. she is licensed and professional Abigail runs her own business in north texas. she is a level 10 superior healer she has never failed a case. she has mastered all of her abilities and also trains other psychics. when other psychic's have difficult cases they call upon Abigail for her power and strength. Abigail specializes in love, marriage, divorce, affairs, career, home, family and friends.

Abigail is a master love reader who is able to read into anyone's heart and soul to see what their true feelings are all you will need to provide is the person's name!  she has the power to restore lost love and reunite lovers. people from all walks of life have searched for Abigail to reunite them with there lover. she can do the same for you! 

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